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Renovation & Remodeling Services

Typical Stages of a Renovation & Remodeling

Stage 1: Design

Whether it’s a single closet or a complete room, some kind of design and planning must take place. Larger projects can require architectural blue prints and code approved plans.

Stage 2: Purchase / Order material

Before your job is scheduled the necessary material will be ordered in advance so that the job doesn't get held up waiting for material to arrive. Even for more minor projects, lead times for material can inconvenience both the home owner and the contractor.

Stage 3: Demolition

Even for small projects, some kind of demolition will need to take place. I take great effort to protect your house and property by setting up dust barriers and protect your existing floor / carpet etc. Once demolition has been completed construction begins.

Stage 4: Construction

The process begins with rough framing, electrical rough-in and plumbing rough-in (when applicable). Construction is based on an agreed-upon layout/ blue prints.

Stage 5: Close up walls

Once the rough-in is complete the walls are closed up and the window, door and floor trim are installed.

Stage 6: Finishing

Painting, staining and sealing will be done accordingly.

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